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Music CD: Thoughts Trapped Inside

Track: A Movement - A Heartbeat
Visualization Running Time: 5:58
Credits: Written & produced by Flight (c)

A movement, a heartbeat, thoughts trapped in time. An ocean of tear drops brought to my mind. When life is unfair. When life is unkind.
(C) Desolation Records (UK) 1999.

Track: The Dark
Visualization Running Time: 6:18
Credits: Written & produced by Flight (1999)

We're all drawn into relationships, forever seeking out that special person. However, if you think finding that person is cause for great joy, think again. That person could one day walk out of your life for good. If that day arrives, it is then that you will truly experience "The Dark"

Track: Adored
Visualization Running Time: 6:02
Credits: Written & produced by Flight (1999)

Prostitution - is it simply about money or are there other, deeper motivations? The reality, as always, is never simplistic. The only way to learn the truth is to learn about the individual. Sadly, most of us only see the pretty face or the tight dress and are not interested in understanding.

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Fact File
Thoughts Trapped Inside was our first widely available recording. Derek Shaw, writer at Music Now!, commented: "Thoughts Trapped Inside is a CD full of drive, momentum and power. I look forward to hearing more."

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A Movement, A Heartbeat was recorded in about an hour. Well, it took a bit longer than that, but we really did want to keep it raw and angry.

The Dark is a Gothic journey into deep depression. The song was recorded in total darkness in a vain attempt to remove all positive feelings from our minds. In the event, it just made us really angry because we couldn't see what we were doing.

If you have an ear for rhythms, then you must hear Adored. Pounding drums and echoing percussion fight it out in a battle for audio supremacy. But this is a war only the listener can win.

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