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Music Words: Lyrics to our songs - past, present and future.

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 Thoughts Trapped Inside: Five Days In Astrakhan:
1. A Movement, A Heartbeat 1. Live Forever
2. Desolate Man 2. For You
3. Walkaway 3. Kingdom
4. Adored 4. Endless
5. Sunrise 5. Desire
6. The Dark 6. The Soul Within
7. Fiction Romance
8. I Need You
9. The Ocean

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Fact File
Bill Davies writes most of our lyrics. His brain is full of words. If you give him a pen, a piece of paper and ask him to write down a phone number, he will more than likely ignore you and write some lyrics instead. Needless to say, the lyrics on this page should give you a pretty good idea as to what goes on in his head.

Thoughts Trapped Inside
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What's in a name? We haven't always been Flight. We used to be called The Lost Movement. We later shortened this by dropping the Lost (we found ourselves!). We were also once known as The Nocturnal, but some other local band (very average) were using it.

5 Days In
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