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Music Visual1: A collection of our photographs, artwork and skins.

Flight V2 Skin: Flight V2
App: Sonique
Version: 1.05+
Description: Sleek, black and sexy. Anyway, enough about that girl who lives across the street, lets talk about this skin instead. This mother is designed for people who like their MP3 player to actually look like an MP3 player. Err, if we ever figure out what that means we'll let you know.

Genetica Image: Genetica
Image type: Raytrace
Image size: 517,952 bytes
Image spec: JPEG 800x600x32
Description: Genetica is a mythical disease which, in its most virulent form, results in the complete genetic disintegration of the victim. A high resolution render of this image was used for the cover of Thoughts Trapped Inside.

Timepeace Image: Timepeace
Image type: Raytrace
Image size: 224,857 bytes
Image spec: JPEG 800x600x32
Description: A watch capable of stopping time. Designed for schizophrenics, it operates on the simple premise that if time stood still, the voices would fall silent. Image created with the freeware raytracer, POVRay.

Lost Souls Image: Lost Souls
Image type: Raytrace
Image size: 476,153 bytes
Image spec: JPEG 800x600x32
Description: An image of now departed souls who, unable to comprehend or accept their fate, have turned away from the light. This is another sepia coloured monochromatic image inspired by the work of H.R.Giger.

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Fact File
Our most recent gig was played at a local community centre. We were performing in front of the massed ranks of the Gary Numan Fan Club. The most memorable thing about this gig was our slightly over enthusiastic use of the venue's dry ice machine. If you've ever seen John Carpenter's film "The Fog", you'll have a fair idea as to what the gig was like.

Thoughts Trapped Inside
If you would like to order this critically acclaimed CD, please click here

Shabby Road is the name of our very own recording studio. It is a magical, mystical place situated in the middle of a road which makes The Bronx look like Beverly Hills. Even on a bright, sunny day it still looks like crap. Nice natural acoustic, though.

5 Days In
'I am there, I see it all. Just watching as the shadows fall'. If you want to be there too, then you'll need a copy of our brand new album. Please click here!

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