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Music Visual2: A collection of our photographs, artwork and skins.

Image: The Barbed Coil
The Barbed Coil Image type: Raytrace
Image size: 708,667 bytes
Image spec: JPEG 1024x768x32
Description: An image inspired by the novel of the same name by writer J.V. Jones. The Barbed Coil, an evil anti-icon cast in the image of the holy Crown of Thorns, lays discarded on a battlefield. It possesses the soul of all those who wear it and stokes the fires of evil within.

Image: King's Ace
King's Ace Image type: Raytrace
Image size: 225,469 bytes
Image spec: JPEG 640x480x32
Description: A stoned king separated from his ace in the pack - the queen - by visual form. Most of this picture is a reflection. The mirror generating the reflection is covered with abstract shapes which slightly fracture the viewpoint. Once image of the week at CServe's Graphdev forum.

Image: The Twins
The Twins Image type: Raytrace
Image size: 170,371 bytes
Image spec: JPEG 640x480x32
Description: The fossilized remains of Siamese twins set in an oil covered surface, surrounded by mercury blobs. Strange, but true. This rather surreal image is all about the legacy of pollution. It would also make a rather good heavy metal album cover, man!

Image: Deliverance
Deliverance Image type: Raytrace
Image size: 482,952 bytes
Image spec: JPEG 1024x768x32
Description: A sainted alien being returns home to save his people. This image was inspired by one of the first songs we ever wrote. Alas, this was all so long ago that we can't even remember how it went. The chorus was pretty good though.

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Fact File
The Dark is becoming rather popular with the music press: "The Dark questions faith, and yet raises the spirit at the same time." Karen Sharp, Soundwave

Thoughts Trapped Inside
If you would like to order this critically acclaimed CD, please click here

We once played an open-air gig on a pavement in the middle of a busy city centre. Sadly, the performance was brought to premature end because of a complaint about the noise from a hotel half a mile down the road!

5 Days In
'I am there, I see it all. Just watching as the shadows fall'. If you want to be there too, then you'll need a copy of our brand new album. Please click here!

For those of you wanting to know how we got our name, it's actually taken from the title of a song by ex Factory Records outfit, A Certain Ratio. They were a very funky band, and "Flight" was one seriously funky track.


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