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X2755D: Equipment
Define: The various pieces of equipment we use, or have used, during the history of Flight. Some of this equipment is no longer in our possession, or no longer functioning. Some of this gear is musical, some of it not so musical, but it has all contributed to the audio soundscape which is our trademark. All of the equipment listed has been heavily abused over the years: we offer no apologies for this. All our actions were performed in the name of musical science.

B.C. Rich Warlock Les Paul Custom Ibanez JEM 77

 Guitars: Synthesizers:

Les Paul Custom Yamaha SY77
Ibanez JEM 77 Roland D10
Fender Stratocaster Roland SH 101
Gibson Explorer Yamaha DX7
Washburn (Mega LT!) Roland Juno 106
Ibanez Blazer Custom Roland Fantom G8
Takamine Electro-Acoustic

 Computers, Sound Cards, Software: 

Dell XPS R450
Toshiba PII Laptop Dell XPS R450
Yamaha SW1000XG
Yamaha DS2416
SoundBlaster AWE32
Turtle Beach Montego
Yamaha XGWorks
Steinberg Cubase SX
Steinberg Cubase VST/32
Steinberg Halion
Steinberg Wavelab
Waves Native Gold
Yamaha Tiny Wave

 Drums, Drum Machines: Bass Guitars:

Yamaha RX B.C. Rich Warlock
Roland Drumatix Westone Thunder
Premier Kit Fender Precision
Paiste Cymbals
Zildjian Cymbals
Yamaha Toms \ Percussion

 Effects Units:

Boss GT6
Boss ME6
Korg A3 Roland Juno 106
Boss Digital Delay, Flanger
Boss Heavy Metal, Chorus
Boss Octaver, Delay Pitch Shifter
Boss Distortion Feedbacker
Ibanez Metalizer
Ibanez Tube Screamer (x2)

 Amps, Recording: Speakers, Mics:

Yamaha EMX660 New Mega Cabs
Raven PA 100W Mega Bass Cab
Peavey Tube Amp 100W PA Cabs
Focusrite Tonefactory Epos ES14's
Aiwa R550 Wharfedale M1's
Marantz DR6000 AKG C1000s
Pioneer A-400 Shure SM57
Kenwood KA-1060 Beyerdynamic HM560
Sony MDS-JE510 Too Many Other Mics
Carlsbro Scorpion
Philips Twin-Tape Amp
Tascam & Fostex 4 tracks

Fact File
Previous members of the band have included keyboard player, Graham (also known as "Zoomie"). Graham was actually a church organist and a big schoolgirl fan. Then there was the world's most average drummer, Peter (also known as "Breast"). We also had another pretty good drummer, Terry (also known as "Dickie Davies"). There have been plenty of others too, including vocalist Mandy - who looked pretty good and sang even better.

Thoughts Trapped Inside
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When we first started the band, we used to practice every Monday in a room above a pub. This was more than a little useful because, whenever we fancied playing for real, we could simply take all the gear downstairs and play a gig.

'I am there, I see it all. Just watching as the shadows fall'. If you want to be there too, then you'll need a copy of our brand new album. Please click here!

We once made a video for a song called Broken. Sadly, the video was ruined by ex-drummer Peter (very average), who had great difficulty miming to the backing track.

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'Firewall' was the first track released from our latest CD, Five Days In Astrakhan. It is a fast, dynamic piece of electronica laced with biting guitar. Whatever you do, don't turn it up too loud! This will help ensure your neighbours like you and bring you gifts.

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