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Music CD: Five Days In Astrakhan

Track: Desire
Running Time: 7:05
Visualization Credits: Written & produced by Flight (2000)

Another day, another one-night encounter. Still, you got what you needed, didn't you? And nobody got hurt, did they? If the answers to these questions was always yes, then no-one would ever need anything more. Truth is, we all need more. We all need someone who understands - someone who cares.

Track: Live Forever
Running Time: 6:15
Visualization Credits: Written & produced by Flight (2000)

During the darkest hours, when everything you hold dear is lost, time no longer matters. You become both lifeless and immortal. Lifeless because you're all but dead, immortal because nothing can hurt you anymore. This state of immortality is appropriate, as it may take forever for your scars to heal.

Track: Fiction Romance
Running Time: 5:38
Visualization Credits: Written & produced by Flight (2000)

When you look into the eyes of your significant other, what do you see? Do you see the spark that brought you both together? If you see nothing but the soul of a comfortable companion, then what you have is no longer real. You see, much like the villain in a paperback, love always dies just before the end.

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Fact File
'Desire' is an electro-organic magnum opus which sweeps from light to dark, and from dynamic to subtle. We are trying to carve out new ground here; trying to put down a marker where previously there was none.

5 Days In
'I am there, I see it all. Just watching as the shadows fall'. If you want to be there too, then you'll need a copy of our brand new album. Please click here!

'Live Forever' is a truly strange brew. From easy listening to Gothic doom, from alternative pop to radio muzak - this song has it all. Such a bizarre concoction really is originality realized. You see, if you follow us closely we will take you to a different place.

Fiction Romance is a post-punk attack on your senses. Please turn your oven up to gas mark "11" and gently incinerate. Once cooked, go off and share the recipe with your friends.

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