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Music CD: Project NEXT

Track: Isolation
Running Time: 4:20
Visualization Credits: Written & produced by Flight (2001)

Another chapter closes. You're supposed to pick yourself up and move on. Not this time though. You can only take so much pain. This time you'll close the door on the outside world. You'll shut out all those who get too close and shield yourself from the emotional fallout. You'll disappear, never to be seen again...but at least you'll finally be safe.

Track: Midnight
Running Time: 5:05
Visualization Credits: Written & produced by Flight (2001)

As the hours pass by and darkness falls, there's no further need for the smiling facade. You're not fine. Everything isn't cool. When she walked out for good, she took your life with her. A virtual murder, but no crime. Now you're alone with your thoughts. Alone with your memories as the other side of midnight offers solace through reflection.

Track: One Little Voice
Running Time: 4:40
Visualization Credits: Written & produced by Flight (2001)

The deep lying instinct to raise a child eventually rises to the surface. Simply following that instinct isn't easy anymore. There are compelling reasons to resist. Is it really fair to introduce another innocent mind to the dangers and corruption of modern society? In the end you just have to hope and pray your child will somehow remain immune.

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Fact File
'Isolation' provides further evidence of a creative imbalance. A lightness of sound scarred by the darkness of thought. Pop music for the depressed. A rather pleasant trip through a damaged mind.

5 Days In
'I am there, I see it all. Just watching as the shadows fall'. If you want to be there too, then you'll need a copy of our brand new album. Please click here!

'Midnight' and all is quiet. Except us that is. We're thinking out loud through our amps. We're thinking of a surprisingly upbeat popular vibe contaminated by distortion and distant electronics.

Thoughts Trapped Inside
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In an ideal world we would have recorded 'One Little Voice' in the womb, but we didn't think there would be enough room for the drums. This is an unusual track with solemn vocals and guitars.

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